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Understand & Change the world with science

Training Program for young people who want to bring Science into public debates

The program shows high school students, students and young researchers how they can use scientific knowledge to tackle current and future societal challenges.

Digitization, equal opportunities, climate change or future forms of work: We can only find sustainable and creative answers to social challenges if scientific findings flow into the debates. But it takes some practice for researchers to get involved efficiently. How do I find the points in public discussions where my knowledge is beneficial? And how do I manage to convey this to a non-specialist audience in an attractive way?

“Scimpact” starts right here and offers young people an introduction to finding answers, developing methods and making contacts.

«By participating in the Scimpact program, I learned that you can create exciting projects with little effort and with the help of a strong community.» (Ilaria B.)

«Scimpact is a space where you can absorb new things in a very specific way and develop strengths. Scimpact is suitable for anyone who wants to acquire essential skills and wants to leave their comfort zone.»
(Alexander S.)

Overview Training Program

The Scimpact program consists of the following three pillars: workshops, coaching and practical implementation in our formats and the blog to promote social, reflection and communication skills. The combination of coaching and practical implementation of what has been learned in the context of public events guarantees an optimal learning effect.

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In various basic workshops, the participants get the tools to design and organize a project / format. In addition, there are further training workshops tailored to the needs of the participants with a specific thematic focus (e.g. moderation / discussion training, writing / storytelling workshop, Swiss political system).


The participants apply the skills acquired in the workshops directly in the independent design, organization and implementation of an event.

The following Reatch formats are available:

nanoTalksPizza, Philosophy and ScienceReatching into the Rabbit Hole
Another option is to write articles for the Reatch blog. Such an article can be thematically attached to an event or deal with another scientific topic. The events and the Reatch blog are public.


When developing the project / event, the participants are accompanied by experienced coaches. They accompany the process and support the participants through regular feedback discussions.

Why should you participate?

  • Do you want to make a difference with your knowledge and your research? We show you how!

  • Do you want more than dry theory? We discuss the latest findings and their use in practice.

  • Do you want to be part of a young science community that wants to make a difference?

What should I bring?

  • You are passionate about science and society.

  • You are a curious personality who is interested in evolving personally.

  • You want to do more than theory and actively participate in social change.

  • You take the time to actively participate in the formats (co-organization of 2 evening events or write 2 blogs and participate in 3 workshops or events).

«The biggest danger for our future is apathy.» - Jane Godall

Understand and Change the world with Science!

Jane Goodall with her chimp "Freud".

(Copyright: Derek Bryceson/National Geographic Creative)

Programm November - May

The next program cycle will begin in the fall of 2021 and will last approximately 8 months. Events take place all over Switzerland. The exact dates will be set in consultation with you.

Kick-off: 16th of October 2021

  • Team building

  • Basic principles of project and event management

  • Science workshops: «Communicating with the media», «Getting in touch with the public», «Writing workshop», «Guiding successful discussions»

  • Introduction to the topics «digitalization», «climate & energy» and «people & health»

Community Events

Lunch LotteryCommunity BingoChristmas Event
In order to get to know like-minded people, we are organizing regular social events.

The participation costs a symbolic contribution of 30 CHF for the entire duration. It includes the voluntary reatch membership fee. In order to promote Switzerland-wide exchange, we finance train journeys to events in other cities.

Expenditure of Time

The time required for the Scimpact program varies depending on the format chosen. When participating in workshops and social events, an average of 2h per week can be expected. In the weeks before the organized event, the effort increases to about 4h per week. This information is to be understood as a guideline.


Joel Lüthi

Luca Schaufelberger
Interdisciplinary scientist

Giorgio Ravioli
Federal civil protection office

Jonas Wittwer

Benedikt Schmidt
Philosopher / Mathematician

Ramus Ischebeck

Martina von Arx

Noemie Frezel

Olivia Meier

Angela Odermatt
Student of Politics

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